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When considering permanent makeup

Keep in mind that two visits are crucial to achieve your desired results. These visits can be scheduled six weeks apart for eyebrows and eyeliner and six to eight weeks apart for lips. I am meticulous and committed to perfection. Your second visit allows me to adjust the shape and add additional color.


Things to avoid before your Permanent Makeup:

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and working out on day of appointment

  • Avoid waxing, tinting and tanning beds at least one week prior

  • Avoid facials, chemical peels, exfoliation, laser treatments, retinol, vitamin A, Glycolic acids, AHAs, BHAs for two weeks prior, Botox and facial fillers in facial area must be done at least 30 days prior

  • Avoid blood thinners such as ibuprofen, aspirin, Aleve, fish oil 3 days prior

  • If you have ever had cold sores, you will need to take an antiviral for 3 days before lip procedure, the day of and then 7 days after. Cold sores are triggered by stress and trauma to the lips, and will effect the healed results

  • Please come prepared with a doctors note of clearance if you have a history of diabetes, auto immune disease, eczema, hemophilia, epilepsy/seizures


Post-Care instructions will be given at the time of your procedure.

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